Live Response

Services : Live Response

  • Digital Forensics

    Our digital forensics team is well-equipped with knowledge of forensics investigation, analysis, and interpretation. Right from gathering the evidence to articulating and reporting the security incident, we are adept at all. We also have a digital forensic laboratory setup, well-equipped with the most efficient and diverse tools.

  • Incident Response

    Digital Encode’s Incident Response team tries to bring an incident under control within the shortest possible time and strives to trace and evict the culprit without hampering routine activities. At Digital Encode, we use the latest tools and techniques for evidence collection in accordance with international standards such that the client can use the evidence in a court of law, if desired.

  • Intrusion Analysis

    Such a service can be implemented successfully with the knowledge of past incidents. This service includes log analysis – 24X7. We can provide both on-site and offsite services.

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