Dear Esteemed Clients,

As a result of the state-wide lockdown, amidst the global pandemic, a size-able number of organizations are compelled to utilize remote work applications, so as to keep them active and functioning. Remote work applications may be the best solution to current restraints but, it is necessary to carry out risk analysis on these applications, in order to counteract security risks.

There are various applications that allow remote work to happen smoothly. Zoom, a very popular choice, is an […]

Hardening your SWIFT Environment

Hardening your SWIFT Environment

Dear Esteemed Clients,

Following various  incidents and threats to the security of the SWIFT Messaging System used by majority of all banks in the country, Digital Encode found it necessary to circulate the following tips to help financial institutions secure their SWIFT Environments.


1. User Access Management: Proper user management should be observed at both the Application and Operating System (OS) level for all SWIFT Platforms. Being a critical environment, only specific users who require access to these platforms […]

EternalRocks Worm

Have you heard about the EternalRocks Worm which exploits the same SMB vulnerability in Mircosoft Windows Systems as WannaCry?

This worm includes far more threats than WannaCry, making it potentially tougher to remediate. Unlike the WannaCry ransomware which uses two of the SMB exploits ETERNALBLUE and DOUBLEPULSAR, EternalRocks uses all the seven NSA SMB exploit tools that was released by the Shadow Brokers (a group of hackers that leaked the NSA hacking tools among other several leaks) to identify vulnerable […]

How To Fund Your Wallet

As a result of my last blog post, I got a number of enquiries on wallet funding. So instead of having to explain this to people on an individual basis I decided to detail the process in a blog post.
Here we go.

Step 1: Shift Mobile Wallet Installation
Download and Install the Shift Blockchain Wallet on your Android device.

Step 2: Wallet Creation
Once installed, open it and tap the “CREATE NEW WALLET” button then follow the instructions.
Make sure you write down your Wallet […]

e|cash Wallet

Today we are carrying out a soft launch of our fintech initiative as well as a game changing piece of financial technology.
Nigeria’s economy is predominantly cash based. It is cultural in some ways really. Indeed 80% of total cash in the Nigerian economy is outside the banking system.
Also noteworthy is that 90% of all bank deposits are owned by 2% of Nigerians. Only 10% of deposits are owned by the remaining 98% of the banked Nigerians. 72 million Nigerians […]

WannaCry Detection Using Zenmap?

The WannaCrypt0r (a.k.a WannaCry, WCry) Ransomware making rounds worldwide, has become one of the greatest threat to Cybersecurity.
This ransomware affects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information as it leverages on social engineering or spam emails, tricking users into downloading and executing infected attachments. This attachment when clicked installs the WannaCry worm on the targeted system, encrypting every single file on it and replicating itself across the network. It doesn’t get better as this worm propagates itself on the […]

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